MEGANZ School of Visual Arts

We encourage our students to discover their own path, their own visual language.

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MEGANZ School of Visual Arts is aimed at students from age 10 to adults. Class numbers are limited to six students per class.
Home school students are welcome. The school is situated in a peaceful native bush environment in Cockle Bay, Howick, Auckland.

Students are helped in a holistic manner to uncover and explore their own unique style. They will be encouraged to continually expand the expression of their visual language.

For the young students from age 10, we work on a mix between tutor directed and self initiated projects (things ‘they’ want to do). Making up fun and informative projects to work on.

College students are offered a valuable chance to supplement their school art programmes. We keep in contact with local school art tutors to stay abreast of their curriculum. We note the areas where students need extra attention and find innovative ways to practice the required skills. We offer art portfolio guidence.

By working on a mix of tutor directed and self directed projects throughout the year, teenage and adult students are encouraged to pinpoint areas from their life, beliefs, feelings, concerns and passions, to help form their own symbols and mark making. A combination of drawing exercises, research and experimentation with different mediums will begin the process to allow students ideas to materialise. They will delve into the history of their chosen symbols and ideas to find deeper meanings to their work and establish associations made between them. Students are encouraged to look at other NZ and international artists and their techniques to discover new ways of creating.

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